Why We Love Reputation Management  (And You Should Too!)

Why We Love Reputation (And You Should Too!)

Some might see reputation management as superficial, but at ReputationDefender we know how important it is to define yourself positively. Every person, company and organisation has a reputation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a private individual, a political leader or the name behind a well-known brand. People’s opinions about you matter. What people think will decide your future goals and how successful you can be in achieving them.



Reputation Versus Self-Esteem

We’ve all heard the adage ‘it’s not what others think that matters; it’s what you think about yourself’. Obviously, how you see yourself is important; basic self-worth depends on this. Yet in a community centred world, it will be difficult to build a fulfilling life, either professionally or personally, if others do not also see you favourably. It will be difficult for a brand to attract new clients if previous customers do not have a good opinion.

Building a reputation doesn’t mean compromising who you are to conform to someone else’s unreasonable standards. It means consciously defining who you are and how you want others to see you.

Why Does Reputation Matter?

Reputation isn’t new, but the internet has made it more important for individuals and brands alike. Our collective opinions are much more visible and accessible now that anyone can run a simple Google search to find out more about any person, brand or topic. Today, we often interact with people on the other side of the world and the search engine result page may be all we have to go on. This is what will decide whether this person considers you for a job interview or choses to buy from your company.

The internet has created a whole new platform for people to express themselves, both positively and negatively. Anyone can share a comment or a story which goes viral and is seen by millions of people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter if the information is correct or fair. Anyone with a grudge can define what the internet says about you and the real-wold consequences are devastating.

Reputation Management

The good news is no one has to wait for a negative story to take action. If you begin to create and promote positive content now, it will be a lot harder for a damaging result to gain ground. At ReputationDefender we see reputation as an opportunity, a chance to decide who you are and how you want others to see you. We work hard to curate a positive image for all our clients through search results that focus on their best aspects, not their worst. Once you realise what a difference this positive attitude can make, we think you’ll start to love reputation as much as we do.

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Posted on 10 April 2017 by Tony McChrystal