The Negative Reputation of EA Games - It's Time To Tear Down Paywalls on the Star Wars Battlefront

Posted on 16 November 2017

EA Games (Electronic Arts) has made headlines this week for all the wrong reasons. The company's new video game Battlefront II is being harshly criticised for its use of artificial 'paywalls' that will require gamers to fork over additional cash for features that would otherwise take countless hours to unlock....

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FAQ – ORM How Much Does It Cost?

Posted on 13 November 2017

The cost of reputation management is directly correlated to the time and resources needed to complete the process. Like time estimates, cost estimates are individualised assessments based on the type of campaign being planned, the strength and longevity of the negative material to be counteracted, the competitiveness of the keyword, the client’s existing web presence and other factors. ReputationDefender spends considerable capital creating a technological framework specific ...

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Posted on 09 November 2017

This is one of the first questions any business or individual asks when deciding to manage their reputation. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer. ORM  and Reputation management specialists combine multiple techniques to promote content, attract organic traffic, and push negative results off the first page of a search. Many different factors come into play during this process and can affect the timeframe for results....

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Brand Reputation in the OnlineTicket Marketplace

Posted on 02 October 2017

Ahhh, festival season. We love festivals and live music here at ReputationDefender, its a great opportunity to meet up with friends, see your favourites artists and create memories which will last a lifetime.  We are always saddens us to hear of fellow revellers negative experiences, whether that be the extortionate prices they have had to pay to attend these events or being let down all together by ticketing companies....

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Amadeus Altea Check-In Software Crashes Around the World

Posted on 29 September 2017

Amadeus - Spanish IT Provider for the tourism and travel industry - is currently hitting headlines around the world....

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Negative SEO can Hurt Your Reputation

Posted on 28 September 2017

In the early days of the internet, Black Hat SEO techniques like link farming and keyword stuffing were common, but today Google’s algorithms discourage these manipulative practices and penalise sites that use them. Positive white hat SEO that increases ranking slowly through organic traffic and genuine links has become the norm. However, as it’s grown less and less profitable, or possible, to trick Google’s algorithms into ranking a substandard site, a new type of black hat ...

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A Negative Reputation in the Finance Industry – Damage Equals Money Lost

Posted on 22 September 2017

Nowhere is reputation more important than in financial services. Customers commit large amounts of money with the expectation that advisors will make competent, ethical decisions about their finances. Serious clients aren’t likely to choose a firm without doing considerable research and once they find negative content online it will quickly undo any positive recommendations they might have received previously. Research has shown that just one negative article can cost a ...

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Reputation Management, Google Page 1 is the New Shop Window

Posted on 18 September 2017

The High Street used to be the centre of every British town, a busy thoroughfare lined with unique retail shops, each drawing its own personal clientele. However, figures from 2016 show this is changing quickly. Local shopkeepers are shutting their doors at an alarming rate and the empty window fronts are being taken over by coffee shops, barbers and the latest trend, vaping shops....

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Employee’s Choice Awards Show Companies Depend on their CEO’s Reputation

Posted on 13 September 2017

We’ve known for some time that a company’s reputation is closely linked to its CEO. According to a Weber Shankwick study, 81 percent of executives believe that ‘external CEO engagement’ is an important part of building a strong reputation, while CEO reputation accounts for almost half of the company’s market value. A well reputed CEO is a face that customers and employees can recognise and trust....

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Reputation Management in the Legal Field

Posted on 07 September 2017

Solicitors Struggle to Maintain a Positive Reputation A recent survey from the Legal Services Consumer Panel revealed that trust in lawyers is falling. In 2016, only 42 percent of the general public said they could count on lawyers to tell the truth, down 5 percent from the 2015 survey. Among other professions, UK citizens rated doctors and teachers much higher, (80 percent and 69 percent respectively), but accountants also had a poor reputation....

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