Minimise Employee Risk to Online Reputation

The World Economic Forum has conducted studies into public trust in large companies, with the results increasingly showing a decline in trust on a global scale. This means that the building of a favourable reputation is a vital goal for corporations. There are several strategies companies can use to achieve this goal, one of which is the engagement of employees. Employees help to actively shape the reputation of a company both through shareholder and customer perceptions. The more engaged employees are, therefore, the better the reputation of the company. Online reputation management strategies and effective brand management also play a role in safeguarding a positive reputation.


This strategy has benefits for the employees as well as for the company. Being affiliated with a corporation that has a strong, favourable reputation has been shown to improve self-esteem. Potential job candidates are more likely to apply for roles, while current employees retain a vested interest in safeguarding the good reputation of the company. They are also more likely to stay with the company rather than seeking new opportunities elsewhere.

To be able to effectively mitigate unfair negative perceptions online, there are numerous websites that businesses should take an interest in monitoring. Employment sites such as Glassdoor, which encourages users to rate employers or companies as well as search for jobs and discover information about potential roles, can damage a company’s reputation if not effectively managed. In a company where employees feel engaged and valued, negative reviews will naturally occur with less frequency. Where negative articles have been posted, Reputation Defender can help to mitigate the results in several ways.

Engaging current employees effectively to generate positive reviews, information and social media posts online is one way to help maintain a strong and positive image, as is having a monitored employer account on Glassdoor and other social media or job search websites. Companies should embrace these style of websites as they are growing in popularity and ignoring isnt an option,  enagage employees collaberate with them to generate genuine and informative reviews. 

The most popular companies to work for have strong brand recognition and a reputation for excellence in the market. The most discerning professionals also use their networks to gain insight into the internal reputation of the workplace, or the ‘real picture’ of what it’s like to work there. Are your employees brand ambassadors or critics? Working to engage and motivate your existing employees is critical in the attraction of quality talent, as they are your most powerful source of advertising and testimonials.

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Posted on 08 August 2017 by Tony McChrystal