How to Manage a High Profile Reputation Online

High-profile individuals such as celebrities or company CEOs have to be even more careful about their reputation online than private individuals. Status comes with risk; hackers and other online criminals have more to gain by exposing your secrets and they will put more time into targeting your accounts. Negative stories about well-known individuals attract interest and if enough people click on the headline it can start to rank on a Google search, regardless of whether it’s true.


High-profile individuals also have more at stake with reputation damage. A company’s reputation is closely tied to its leaders. If the CEO has a positive reputation, this establishes trust with shareholders, customers and the general public, while negative stories taken up by the media result in dropping stock value and loss of business. Celebrities have a lot of social media followers and a misinterpreted tweet or a badly worded comment can quickly attract negative attention that will undermine the personal brand you’ve worked so hard to create.

Online negativity comes from many sources. Unhappy customers, disgruntled employees and even competitors can all write anonymous comments on many popular forums. Just mentioning a well-known personality helps to attract views and generate traffic, so there’s a much higher probability that defamatory stories will be attached to your name.

Don’t Become a Victim of Your Celebrity Status

Celebrity and high-profile reputation management depends on all the basic steps. you need to track down negative results on Google and other search engines then counter it with positive content that supports the image you want. This means optimising websites and blogs, while leveraging social media profiles to your advantage.

Managing an High profile individuald or celebrity reputation creates its own unique challenge. Followers want to see both personal and professional elements in your online profile. A delicate balance is needed to maintain security on personal information that could be damaging while creating a genuine and relatable persona. With a powerful tool like social media, one badly chosen post can attract a lot of attention, so it’s important to screen content carefully and make sure it’s building your personal brand rather than detracting from it.

High-profile reputation management will monitor everything that appears on the internet, from social media gossip to news stories and blogs. Experts track down the source of a rumour, so you know where it came from and who started it, before building a strategy for how to handle it. Some stories pass quickly and are better ignored, while others should be addressed as soon as possible. Choosing the best moment for damage control measures can make all the difference, so it’s important to put together the right team, one that’s capable of minimising the damage while playing as many stories as possible to your advantage.

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Posted on 19 July 2017 by Tony McChrystal