FAQ- What’s the Difference Between ORM and SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often confused with Online Reputation Management (ORM), but the two are not the same. Most SEO campaigns are focused on ranking a company’s official site for an industry related keyword in order to draw in customers running a general search.



In contrast ORM is a nuanced, holistic approach that promotes multiple results for a brand-specific search term, usually the company’s name or the name of an individual in the case of personal reputation management. Many of these sites are not owned or controlled by the client; in fact a major goal is to promote positive third party results, such as news articles, which add authenticity to the claims made on brand-generated pages. Whether applied to personal or business brands, ORM is focused on improving the client’s overall image on the web, often in contrast to negative or defamatory material that has been posted elsewhere.

Does My Company Need SEO or ORM?

In business terms, SEO and ORM are both facets of online marketing, but they target consumers at different stages of the buying process. A customer in need of a certain product will run a general search to find companies offering what they want. SEO will help a business rank its site on this result page where the customer will find it. However, when it comes to making a final decision about where to buy, the careful consumer will research each potential choice considering various factors like price, quality, customer relations, ethical business practices etc. If they find negative material, they’ll quickly lose interest and move on to someone else. SEO will help your company make a customer’s short list, but ORM will convince the consumer that this is really the best place to buy what they want.

ORM Goes Beyond SEO

ORM companies use SEO techniques to promote content, but the entire reputation management process goes far beyond simple search optimisation. Running traditional SEO on every result targeted to appear on Google page one would be extremely inefficient. It would cost ten times as much as SEO and the sites would compete with each other negating part of the effort. As well as promoting the company website, ORM professionals must be concerned with content development, social media profiles, online public relations, and general web-based development and analysis.

At ReputationDefender, we’ve spent years developing our product. We’ve invested millions worth of capital to customise and test our technology, and find the approach that offers clients the best chance to promote multiple sites and build a balanced, comprehensive profile. We were the first ORM company and we are still the leader in our field, with a uniquely analytical approach to online publicity that you won’t find anywhere else in the field of SEO or ORM.

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Posted on 20 November 2017 by Tony McChrystal