FAQ – ORM How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of reputation management is directly correlated to the time and resources needed to complete the process. Like time estimates, cost estimates are individualised assessments based on the type of campaign being planned, the strength and longevity of the negative material to be counteracted, the competitiveness of the keyword, the client’s existing web presence and other factors. ReputationDefender spends considerable capital creating a technological framework specific to each client which is calculated into pricing, along with more obvious frontend elements such as content creation.

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Who’s Hosting the Negative Content?

Not all web platforms are created equal. Clients who are dealing with damaging material posted on an internationally recognised site such as BBC or Forbes will have to invest more resources than those dealing with a smear campaign from an anonymous blogger. Positive target results must have comparable authority to the unwanted content in order to outrank and replace it.

  • Do the Maths – The strength of a negative result can be calculated using a logarithmic scale. Logarithmic scales are based on order of magnitude and are commonly used when there is a large range of quantities. Earthquake strength, decibel level and light intensity are just a few of the things measured in this way. In a logarithmic scale, each value is calculated by multiplying the previous value by a constant, so larger quantities result in ever increasing value jumps. In relation to reputation management, a site like Forbes.com would rank as a 94 on a scale of 1-100, while the average negative comment from a customer would factor in around 25.


  • Factor in Keyword Competition – Competitive keywords are those that are searched frequently according to Google analytics. It takes many more resources to rank for this type of search term than for a brand name or a long tail keyword phrase that is more specific. At the same time, negative content that is ranking high for a very competitive keyword will be more difficult to counteract.


  • Multiply By Ten – Clients will need to plan on ranking a minimum of about ten results to get full control of Google page one and ensure that anyone searching their brand will be greeted with a positive image. This means that the factors listed above will have to be considered not just in terms of ranking one site, but in relation to multiple pages. Clients will need layers of comprehensive content spread over multiple platforms to build a complete and relatable profile, and all of these results will need to be promoted to outrank the material already appearing for the search term.

Reputation management can seem costly at the outset, yet this investment must be put in perspective with the amount of money lost when reputation damage occurs. A proactive approach aimed at building reputation before negative material appears is the most cost-effective solution in the long term.


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Posted on 13 November 2017 by Tony McChrystal