Employee’s Choice Awards Show Companies Depend on their CEO’s Reputation

We’ve known for some time that a company’s reputation is closely linked to its CEO. According to a Weber Shankwick study, 81 percent of executives believe that ‘external CEO engagement’ is an important part of building a strong reputation, while CEO reputation accounts for almost half of the company’s market value. A well reputed CEO is a face that customers and employees can recognise and trust.

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The Employee Choice awards from Glassdoor offer even more evidence that companies’ depend on their CEO’s reputation. Employee workplace ratings on Glassdoor are closely correlated to the reputation of the company’s CEO. Without good reviews from current and former employees, it’s almost impossible to build a team of talented individuals who can move the company forward. Of the top 50 Best Places to Work, as rated by employees, over half of the companies also appeared among the Highest Rated CEOs with some placing very high on both lists.

CEO’S Help to Create a Positive Workplace

Six of the companies ranked among the top ten Best Places to Work for 2017 on Glassdoor also placed among the top rated CEOs.

  • Expedia – Best Places to Work # 1, Highest Rated CEO # 9, 4.3 stars on Glassdoor, 95 percent of employees approve of CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. Employees say the company is ‘accessible’ with good communication and a ‘flexible environment’.
  • ARM – Best Places to Work #2, Highest Rated CEO # 23, 4.3 stars, on Glassdoor, 90 percent of employees approve of CEO Simon Segars. Employees say the company has a great atmosphere with everyone ‘keen to help each other’.
  • Home Serve – Best Places to work # 3, Highest Rated CEO #3, 4.3 stars on Glassdoor, 96 percent of employees approve of CEO Martin Bennet. Employees say it is an ‘exciting, dynamic’ company that focuses on customers.
  • Hays Place - Best Places to Work #5, Highest Rated CEO # 19, 4.3 stars on Glassdoor, 92 percent of employees approve of CEO Alistair R. Cox. Employees say it is an ‘excellent career company’ that will ‘support and develop’ workers.
  • Unilever – Best Places to Work #7, Highest Rated CEO #24, 4.2 stars on Glassdoor, 90 percent of employees approve of CEO Paul Polman. Employees say it is a ‘great place to learn’ with ‘flexible working hours’.
  • Salesforce – Best Places to Work # 8, Highest Rated CEO # 2, 4.2 stars on Glassdoor, 97 percent of employees approve of CEO Mark Benioff. Employees say the company has ‘a great culture of inclusivity’

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Why is CEO Reputation so Important?

Real leaders lead by example which in turn gains respect and trust from their employees. This impacts how the company is perceived, both internally and externally. When it comes to reputation, today’s customer’s expect the entire package. They want quality and value, but they also want to know that they’re supporting an organisation that does the best it can for employees and maintains a high level of integrity throughout every level of operation.

This ultimately comes back to the person at the head of the organisation. Without a well reputed CEO, it’s hard to convince customers, employees or investors that the company is worth their time and money. CEOs who are interested in building a top rated organisation need to start with their own reputation. Building a reputation and name for quality leadership will help the company forward more than almost any other aspect of reputation development.

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Posted on 13 September 2017 by Tony McChrystal