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Ahhh, festival season. We love festivals and live music here at ReputationDefender, its a great opportunity to meet up with friends, see your favourites artists and create memories which will last a lifetime.  We are always saddens us to hear of fellow revellers negative experiences, whether that be the extortionate prices they have had to pay to attend these events or being let down all together by ticketing companies.

There are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to buying tickets online, whether it’s a concert cancelled at the last minute or re-sale tickets priced at ten times their value. Concert goers would be advised to take a good look at the company’s reputation and check out the safeguards in terms of ticket validity and refunds before they decide to make a purchase. Meanwhile, companies that want to survive need to do more to improve their image and guarantee a quality experience for clients.

Cancelation Disaster

Many people who bought tickets for the Olly Murs concerts scheduled in Bournemouth and Exeter this summer now wish they’d been more careful. The promotional company organising the event, Stephen C Associates Limited, recently went bankrupt forcing cancelation of both concerts. The company claims it is ‘not in a position to offer a refund’ to people who purchased tickets directly, unless they were bought using a credit card. Customers who paid with a debit card will simply lose the money as well as the concert. On the other hand, ticket holders who went through BH Live, a local ticketing agency, should expect to see a full refund shortly, according to a company statement.

While most people blame the promotional company, Olly Murs’ reputation has taken a hit as well. In spite of his apology to fans in Exeter and Bournemouth and his hopes that he would see them all soon, one disappointed ticket holder felt he should have done more to ‘sort this mess out’.

Overpriced Ticket Trap

Yet it’s hard to deny that fans’ enthusiasm for the celebrities they love often overrides their good sense. The online ticket resale company, Viagogo, has a long-standing questionable reputation. Back in 2011, many people who bought tickets to Take That concerts in Germany through Viagogo found they couldn’t enter the concert and the company was ultimately banned from claiming ‘100 percent validity’ for its tickets in Germany. In spite of this, Viagogo continues to thrive, currently listing tickets for Ed Sheeren’s 2018 tour, which sold out in a matter of minutes, at hugely inflated prices. A typical ticket with a face value of £55-£88 is running around £528-£879 on Viagogo.

Ed Sheeren himself has taken a stand against ‘fraud and hideous overpricing’ on Viagogo and similar ticket hubs, and he continues to urge his fans to purchase through more reputable sites like Twickets, which only offers re-sale tickets at face-value. Yet there’s a high chance someone will be enticed by the chance to get hold of a coveted ticket on Viagogo, regardless of the price.

Repercussions in Terms of Reputation

Whether celebrities are themselves at fault, there is no doubt that their personal brand reputation suffers when fans find themselves exploited by questionable promotion and ticket sales. It seems the entire industry could benefit from holding companies with toxic reputations accountable; fans, singers and of course ticket sellers that limit their price gouging to a reasonable amount.

Unfortunately because demand will always outweigh supply third party ticketing companies will be a mainstay but consumers should do their research online before selecting which ticket company to buy from. Be sure to look at recent reviews and google news to ensure you are buying from a safe reputatble company.

Quick tips when buying tickets safely and cheaply online

1. Sign up to newsletters and mailing lists

A quick and easy way to save on concert tickets is to make sure you're the first in the know. Sign up to newsletters from these ticketing outlets to find out when pre- and on sale tickets are released. 

You can also find out about advanced tour dates by joining fan mailing lists, which often offer exclusive priority deals and offers to its members.

2. A little research goes a long way

Check the exact dates and times that the tickets you want will go on sale to make sure you're the first in line at the checkout.

Major ticketing sites like TicketmasterSee Tickets, Amazon Tickets and The Ticket Factory all officially sell general on sale tickets and will all let you know precisely when you should log on to get yours.

3. Buy direct from the venue

Buying directly from the venue will help keep your ticket price low.

By cutting out paying booking fees and delivery cost you can save yourself up to an extra 10-15%.

4. Avoid buying tickets to the first night

These nifty tips for big events may make your buck go a little bit further on Ticketmaster.

If an artist is playing more than one date in a city, you can often cut costs by not buying tickets to the very first night, as they're often the most expensive.

Picking the right day can also apply to weekdays and weeknights. As Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular, they're often also a few quid more.

5. Use a Credit Card

Paying by credit card can be convenient, but it also gives you added legal protection if the company you’re buying from goes bust or doesn’t deliver what it’s promised. You might also get some protection when paying by debit card under a voluntary scheme called chargeback. With charge cards though you don’t generally have protection. 

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Posted on 02 October 2017 by Tony McChrystal