Crisis Communication – 8 Ways to Make the Situation Worse

Posted on 28 September 2018

Your company has just made the news and not in the way you want. A customer’s complaint on social media has gathered so much attention it’s ranking at the top of your search results. There’s been an internet outage or a systems breakdown. Facebook is filled with clamouring customers demanding to know what’s going on. A data breach has just become public and every client who’s ever turned over financial information to you wants to know if it’s safe....

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Crisis Management – Make Social Media Your Friend Not Your Enemy

Posted on 14 September 2018

Having a strong social media presence is a must for every business today. Customers expect to find you online and if they can’t they’ll likely question the company’s legitimacy and look elsewhere. An optimised, well-ranking website is the first step, of course, but beyond that businesses need a platform where they can communicate with customers, share information about new products and sales, and answer questions. Social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter are an ideal ...

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Fake News – The Latest Threat to Online Reputation

Posted on 10 September 2018

Fake news isn’t new. The deliberate spread of misinformation goes back thousands of years, with examples throughout ancient and modern history. In Roman times, it’s believed that emperor Mark Anthony committed suicide as a result of a misinformation campaign....

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