How to Stop a Data Breach from Destroying Your Business’s Reputation

Posted on 19 March 2018

Your worst nightmare has come true. A security breach is compromising customer data; your company’s name is about to be in the news, and not for the reason’s you want. What’s the real damage, you wonder, going forward? What’s the ultimate cost in terms of sales-loss, dipping stocks and long-term damage to your brand’s reputation?...

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CSR – Will it Help or Hurt Your Online Reputation?

Posted on 13 March 2018

Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really good for a company’s reputation, or is it a gimmick, a publicity stunt that can backfire and cause more harm than good? The debate continues, and with new EU requirements coming into play in 2018, the rules are about to change. Directive 2014/95/EU will require companies with more than 500 employees to publicly disclose information on various social and environmental programs. This increased transparency will make it easier for ...

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Individual ORM in 2018 – 20 Tips for a Reputation Management 

Posted on 06 March 2018

Online reputation management (ORM) is more important than ever in 2018. Damaging online content can make it difficult to build a career or qualify for an important position. HR recruiters in almost every field routinely Google job applicants as part of the interview process, and 75 percent say they’ve dismissed a candidate based on what they find. Even a simple lack of presence online can make an employer question whether your CV is accurate....

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