Amadeus Altea Check-In Software Crashes Around the World


Amadeus - Spanish IT Provider for the tourism and travel industry - is currently hitting headlines around the world.

The company's booking software, Altea, has been experiencing 'network issues' and 'outages' that have resulted in widespread delays at check-in desks, including delays at Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the UK.

The top stories shown on Google at the moment are not great for Amadeus:


Furthermore, several of the negative news stories have found their way on to page one:


According to Google Keyword Planner, the brand term 'Amadeus' gets approximately 368,000 searches per month. Based on the positions of these negative page one search results - and our own research into the click-through rate of the negative links based on their positions - 6.23% of page one traffic will currently be clicking through to a negative result. That's approximately 21,034 people !


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Posted on 29 September 2017 by Tom Powell
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