A day in the life of an online reputation consultant.

 man-1352025_960_720.pngDave  is one of the senior reputation consultants at ReputationDefender, advising individuals and corporates on redefining and maintaining their reputation. A normal day starts with me getting into the office early and checking the enquiries received through the night.  When people are home of an evening, they have more time to check their reputation, or they may be made aware they have been victim of identity theft. This is when they contact us.

We will spend quite a lot of time researching the enquiry, the keywords, and the severity of the problem, this will then give us some ideas as to the best solution. We don’t help everyone, we have quite a strict code of conduct, and unfortunately we do receive a number of enquiries that are within a criminal framework. We will not help people that have been found guilty by a court of law, or been charged with certain crimes including any crime against children – we just will not help these individuals. We will  help businesses or people who perhaps have mistaken identity; false claims have been made against them or perhaps an unfavourable article from a journalist.  

The team will then work together to contact the people we can’t help to inform them of that, and to contact the people we can help to get further information from them.

Time for a coffee break, it can be difficult to hear some of the stories we come across, and a mid-morning cuppa can help just give 5 minutes away from the darker side of the internet.

Back to it, and in between the office phones ringing, and individuals contacting us through Livechat, I start calling my customers that I am working with at the moment to develop to a reputation strategy that will work in conjunction with search engine algorithms, and suppress the negative content the client is looking to demote.

I nip out and grab a sandwich for lunch, today it’s only a quick break, I have to be back in the office for a brainstorming session with our operations team. It’s essential we come together every week to brainstorm ideas for customers, and new ways of approaching reputation problems. With so many technological advancements, it’s important we understand what challenges we face and how we can overcome these hurdles for our customers.

Back to my desk, and sorting through this morning’s enquiries, the team start putting together costing plans. Whilst all of this is going on, we have an inbound enquiry from a corporate who is facing slurs from an ex employee. It is damaging their reputation, and three out of the top five results on the first page of Google are mired by these negative reviews. We set to work to develop a plan for the corporate and schedule an urgent conference call with their marketing and PR department to discuss the impact on the brand.

It’s the end of the day and everyone starts to head home for the evening. After tidying some emails up and putting the nightly messaging service on for the phones and Livechat, I head off too.  We are lucky and have gym close to the office, so I head off for a gym session, wondering what enquiries will come through tonight.

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Posted on 01 April 2017 by Tony McChrystal