4 Reasons You Should Work with ReputationDefender

 Everyone has an online reputation, whether they want it or not. Even if you don’t use social media and stay out of the news, someone else may share a picture of you or a story that portrays you in an unflattering light. Just the choice not to present yourself online will reflect on your personality and priorities. At ReputationDefender, we offer online reputation management so clients can consciously decide what the internet says about them rather than leaving it up to chance.


Why Do You Need ORM?

  • Reputation Builds Careers – Maybe you don’t care, or you think it doesn’t matter what people are saying about you online. It might surprise you to learn some of the instances where it does matter very much. Next time you apply for a job, there’s a good chance a recruiter will run a Google search before calling you for an interview. Depending on the position, not appearing on the internet may be enough for an employer to question whether you’re right for the job, or whether you exist at all. Or the recruiter may find professionally compromising results detailing gossip about your personal life, embarrassing pictures, or social media posts with bad grammar and profanity.
  • Reputation Issues Will Hurt Your Personal Life – It’s not just your professional life that will be hurt by damaging material online. Children learn to use the internet quickly. What do you want your kids to see when they search you for fun? New significant others and past exes will likely check you out on Google as well. Landlords may try to figure out if you’ll be a reliable tenant based on your online profile.
  • Personal and Professional Reputation are Closely Connected – If you are a prominent executive or your name is closely connected to a brand, your personal reputation will reflect on the company and vice versa. Compromising results under your name will make the entire company look bad. If you are personally mentioned in bad reviews or articles that question the brand’s integrity, it will be much harder to find new career prospects in the future.
  • There’s No Truth-Meter on the Internet – Many people trust search results, but there’s no guarantee that the pages ranking on Google are true. Anyone can post information online. If the page is clicked, read and shared multiple times, Google algorithms will start to rank it as relevant to your name, regardless of whether it’s fair or factually correct. Sensational posts often attract attention, so compromising stories can gain ground quickly. If you don’t take action to create a positive profile on the web, these types of results will quickly start to rank for your name.

Our Philosophy

At ReputationDefender, our reputation consultants  work with you to counter misleading an negative news  with content that presents clients in a better light. We believe that everyone has the right to tell their own story online and we encourage clients to do this through social media pages, blog posts and personal websites. As more people visit these pages, Google will start to rank them on a search for your name. Furthermore, people looking for you online will find information about your career and accomplishments rather than some unfortunate result posted by someone else.

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Posted on 18 April 2017 by Tony McChrystal