10 Reasons to Invest in Online Reputation Management

 It’s not unusual for a company founder to want to handle every aspect of a new brand, but in today’s internet centred world there’s more to building a business than good people skills. Every new company needs an online presence as well as a physical one. This means not only a professional website that ranks high for the brand’s main search term, but also positive content that is prominent on the web. Customer comments can appear on the internet 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so responding and keeping up with feedback is a full time job in itself.

Professional Reputation Management Makes a Difference

An ambitious founder may be able to handle the initial online promotion, but as the business grows it will quickly become too much. It takes a specialised skill-set to control search engine results and create an in-depth, online profile. At ReputationDefender, we have professional reputation experts that are trained in SEO and algorithmic ranking techniques. Content writers and editors combine their efforts to generate quality content at a much higher volume than a company’s internal employees could ever hope to match. The result is a brand image that clearly defines what the company is about and where it will go in the future.

If you’re a company leader who’s also been managing the brand’s online reputation, perhaps it’s time for a change. Working with professionals doesn’t mean losing control; you’ll still be able to define how the brand is presented online and set overall reputation goals. In fact, it can mean more control since there will be a whole team of professionals working to create your vision through quality, optimised content.


10 Signs You Need ORM

Here are 10 of the top reasons why online reputation management might be a good choice for your company right now:

  1. Lack of Visibility –A Google search is one of the most common ways customers find out more about businesses they’re interested in. If a keyword search doesn’t pull up anything that’s clearly relevant to your company, the researcher will question whether it’s legitimate. ORM can change this by optimising your website and adding new layers of content at every level.
  2. Not Enough Traffic to the Website – If your Webmaster tools are showing a limited number of people visiting the company’s site, something isn’t working. ORM will add social media profiles and blog pages that help draw in traffic and direct it back to the website.
  3. Website Redesign – Updating your website is the perfect time to build an online reputation or improve on the company’s existing one. Designing the new site with reputation goals and SEO in mind will help to get the most mileage out of the money you invest.
  4. Business Expansion – Perhaps you’re growing the company or taking it in a new direction. Expansion always comes with a hefty investment and a certain amount of risk. Minimise the chance of loss by advertising any changes through your online reputation channels. Soon, customers will be just as excited about the new project as you are.
  5. Hiring New Employees – Brand reputation is often described in terms of customer opinion, but reputation also affects the kind of people who want to work at your company. A recruitment drive is the perfect time to start an ORM campaign that will help attract qualified candidates.
  6. Well-Known Competitor – If there’s already a well-established company with a large online profile, it’s going to be hard to break through and gain ranking on the target SERP. Professional ORM will increase content volume and help fine-tune long-tail keywords to create an achievable goal.
  7. Business Isn’t Doing Well – If you’re noticing a dip in the company’s profits, something needs to be done quickly. A better online reputation can easily make the difference between a business that bounces back and one that heads into a downhill spiral.
  8. Negative Reviews – Unflattering comments ranking on the first page of a search are inevitably going to hurt business. ORM can help generate more positive ranking content which will push these reviews into a less prominent position.
  9. Bad Publicity – Negative articles appearing on page one are also going to cause a problem. A company scandal that goes viral can be especially hard to deal with since the story will be shared and copied millions of times. This type of situation calls for emergency reputation damage control.
  10. You’re Concerned About Negative ResultsBusinesses do inevitably experience negativity online,so this is why every company needs ORM. A positive online reputation is like a good insurance policy. Taking action to build a reputation now will ensure that any future issues (a bad review, a disgruntled employee, a negative story) won’t have as big an effect. It’s a lot harder for these results to gain traction if you already have a solid online following.

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Posted on 04 April 2017 by Tony McChrystal